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What is a railrider? A railrider is like a bicycle you ride on an abandoned railroad. Our railriders have 4 recumbent seats and a hydraulic brake. It is an interesting sensation to sit right down on the rails and hear the clicking sound of the rails as you pedal along at about 10 miles per hour.

We pedal along the historic Simpson Logging railroad, just west of Shelton, through a diverse landscape which includes a lush forest with wildflowers, following along beside Goldsborough Creek. You will hear birds and see an occasional deer or rabbit.
From Camp 1, we pedal 6 ½ miles down the track to Shelton and 6 ½ miles back up. The return trip is a steady, vigorous pedal back up, which is a very do-able pedal for most, but some may wish to have some help from our motorized railrider which can give a slight push on the final stretch.

All ages are welcome to enjoy railriding. Small children can ride in their car seat, and children between 5-8 years old are usually tall enough to reach the pedals and help pedal.


Gather your friends and pedal the rails
Pedal a 4-seater quadricycle Railrider