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Representative Dan Griffey

Representative Dan Griffey


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As your state representative, it's my job to be your advocate. That's why I have been focused on: standing up for victims and survivors of crime; ensuring our students receive a quality education that sets them on a path to meaningful employment; promoting living-wage jobs; protecting your individual, parental, and property rights; fighting for the needs of our youth, disabled, and elderly. I am in your corner!

I currently serve as the assistant ranking member on the Local Government Committee. I serve on the Public Safety and Transportation committees, as well. I was also re-elected as House Republican Whip to help lead the charge for a better, safer, and more prosperous Washington.

Your involvement is key for me to continue being an effective voice for you in Olympia. My door is always open, and I appreciate your emails, phone calls and letters.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.