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The Port comprises a marina, industrial park and airport, all within close proximity and boasting such conveniences as reasonable lease rates, rail and airport access, high tech facilities and Foreign Trade Zone designation.

The Marina is an excellent facility for both long term and day use and is well positioned to launch recreational boaters into Hammersly Inlet.

Sanderson Field Industrial Park consists of 1,053 acres, featuring an excellent airport with a 5,000 foot runway and a general aviation facility with facilities to serve private aircraft and business jets.
In addition to aviation, Sanderson Field is also home to a quality industrial/commercial park located adjacent to U.S. Highway 101, 20 minutes off of Interstate 5.

Johns Prairie Industrial Park is a 380 acre area located northeast of the City of Shelton and is home to a variety of tenants.
Heavy industrial tenants make use of the rail spur, natural gas, water and the flat buildable sites.
These sites are largely unencumbered and are well suited for heavy manufacturing. Lease rates are competitive and requests for build to suit buildings may be accommodated.


Oakland Bay Marina
Johns Prairie Industrial Park
Sanderson Field
Sanderson Field