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Our roots run deep. Rick’s Grandma Carrie’s original 1950’s hand written recipe for “Soft Peanut Butter Brittle” still hangs in our kitchen. Though a bit tattered, it is framed now to preserve the recipe we still use to this very day.

1990 was the birth of our “small batch” candy business, located in our garage, converted to a licensed kitchen, in Everett WA.
Brittle was cooked on 1950’s era kitchen stove, a gift from Bonnie’s Grandma Hilda, then cooled on a large marble slab that once adorned the hallways of the old Wenatchee Courthouse.

By 1993 the Northwest Espresso Bar and Espress-Umm’s were born. Needing more room in 1996, we built an even larger kitchen for our small batch specialty confections and now added gourmet cookies.
We continued in Everett until 2001, then deciding to relocate to a small island in South Puget Sound, near Shelton Wa. Harstine Island has proven to be the perfect place for us to build our permanent home and candy factory. Since constructing our “Northwest Expressions” facility we have added specialty chocolates, shortbread(s) and our Butter Crunch Toffee lines (and more to come like our ToffeePop® and gourmet savory popcorn)

We produce gourmet cookies and confections in small batch artisan form utilizing all natural ingredients and only the finest chocolates. We have certified Chocolatiers and expert gourmet bakery chefs. Taste, quality and appeal is our promise to everyone enjoying our Northwest Expressions.


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