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Joonbug Graphic Design provides professional design consultation for all of your creative needs from print to web! We have over 20 years of experience working with Washington State Government agencies, non-profit organizations, small businesses and creative individuals.

Design Services:
Design consultation, design and printing liaison services for your print and web products including:

Custom website design, domain, hosting and management, company branding, publication design (ie. brochures, catalogs, books, stationary, etc.), logos, illustration, photography, promotional products, advertisements, forms, maps, special event display, package design, announcements and invitations.

Printing Services:
We work with local printing companies such as the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (formerly Department of Printing), Capitol City Press and other professional service providers in the greater Washington State area to ensure high quality printing of your products from start to finish.


Company branding guidelines for S.P.I.P.A.
PowerPoint presentations for PacMountain Work Source
Advertisement for WA State Parks Boating Programs
Logo design for Skokomish Valley Farms
Academic Catalog for Saint Martin's University
Program design for the WA State Senior Games
Summer Session program design for Saint Martin's University
Agency branding projects for WA State Parks and Recreation Commission
Icon designs for WA State Parks
Wedding invitation designs
Logo design for South Sound CrossFit
Branding project for The Paint Machine painting company
Interpretive sign designs for WA State Parks
Event branding for Southside Elementary School
Logo design for Mason County H.O.S.T. Program
Event promotional designs for the Skokomish Tribe Health Clinic
Michelle Pugh designed the Discover Pass for the WA State Parks and Recreation Commission in 2015 as on-call Senior Graphic Designer.
Michelle Pugh designed the special license plate for the WA State Parks and Recreation Commission as on-call Senior Graphic Designer.
Michelle Pugh was the lead artist on the City of Olympia Salmon Run public art sculpture project for the WA State Parks and Recreation Commission as on-call Senior Graphic Designer.
Logo design for Cedar Circle Farms
Website design for Mason County H.O.S.T. at Choice High School
Website design for Skokomish Valley Farms
Executive summary report design for PacMountain Work Source
Wellness program flier design for S.P.I.P.A.
Brochure design for the Skokomish Tribe Health Clinic Suicide Prevention Program
Over 100 brochure designs for the WA State Parks and Recreation Commission
Brochure design for Loose Ends Fiber Arts
Logo and business card design for BeLeaf Interior Design
Brochure design for Hope Island State Park
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