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Photographic images, whether for portraits, commercial advertising or architecture, are more than just a product; they are works of art created to inspire or invoke emotion in the viewer. The image is more than just digital pixels or film grain manipulated by the press of a button, it is a window into the creators mind. Producing consistent and quality photographs requires years of education, training, and a natural talent for the arts, to create images that will last for generations or will successfully help sell your product

Amy & Forrest Cooper are a husband & wife creative team whom own and operate Cooper Studios. Their focus on perfection and quality mixed with extensive training and professional experience, make for a service unique in the Photography industry. Both Amy & Forrest have BFA degrees in Visual Communications; with Amy having a major in Graphic Design and Forrest a major in Fine Art.

Between Amy & Forrest Cooper, Cooper Studios offers one of the most unique creative teams in the industry.

Cooper Studios is housed in a 3000 square foot building located in beautiful historic Shelton, WA. With a professional atmosphere and state of the art equipment, Cooper Studios goes above and beyond to provide a service unsurpassed in quality and customer satisfaction. The building contains two photo studios, a design & sales studio, comfortable waiting area & gallery, welcoming reception space, full size dressing room, and a full scale production room; all with ADA accessibility.